Saying Goodbye

This was the first post I wrote after my husband passed. This helped me heal and helped me express myself. Writing for me has become my new outlet. Enjoy the read. Comment and follow along. Share my blog as well 
I haven’t written anything on Facebook because I know it’s gonna be a long one. 

So here goes. 

I first want to thank all the volunteers, family, friends and everyone who came out over the last few days. We could not have made it through without all of your support. Having to deal with a death in the family is hard enough but then trying to figure out logistics like the funeral, food, accommodation and so on us hard without support. So thank you to everyone who has helped along the way. 

Now about Arif. 

I often get asked if I married Arif when he had his mullet. And I say yes proudly. Because when I met Arif over 17 years ago, it was his eyes that melted my heart. When I looked into his eyes, I saw the kindness, selflessness and jolly soul that we all have to come to love.  

I feel honored to be the wife of such an amazing man. He has taught me so much and if I can do anything to keep his memory going is to try and be more like him. He never said anything bad about anyone. Even if someone did something to him, I would fume and get mad and he would say, Zahra why are you stoping to their level. Let them be. Don’t let little things stir you up. 

He also taught me to have adventure in my life. I remember him asking me,Zahra would you come camping with us. Now for those of you who knew me 17 years ago, knew I was not the camping type. I hesitated and he said try it once for me. If you don’t like you don’t have to come. But trust me you will like it. We became hooked. It was our way to reconnect with nature have fun with friends and create lasting memories. We took Ziyanna when she was 18 months and now she is hooked. 

He also brought adventures to my life by taking me on fast drives around Calgary, bc, Vegas and so on. His love of driving was so strong that even though he drove fast you always felt safe. He often used to ask me why I would fall asleep when we drive to Edmonton. I would always say it’s because I felt safe. The drive was so smooth. That you could sleep. 

Arif took me on my first trip over seas. To London and Dubai. He took me on amazing trips and his love for the beauty in the world could be felt whenever we travelled. 

I remember the times we drove to Edmonton just for red robins, crazy excursions like swimming with sting rays and learning how to play poker. These things always made him smile and will be memories I will cherish.  


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